Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New DMB Single Released

Only a few weeks away, Dave Matthews Band will be releasing their seventh studio album. Today they released their first single off "Away From the World". The single is titled "Mercy". Matthews first performed this song on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon a few weeks back.
"Mercy" is a sweet song with a very powerful message.

Me and you and you and you
Just want to be free yeah
But you see all the world is just as we've made it
And until we got a new world
Got to say that love is not a whisper or a weakness
No love is strong
So we got to get together yeah
Gotta get gotta get gotta get
Til there is no reason
To fight

Mercy will we overcome this
Oh one by one could we turn it around
Maybe carry on just a little bit longer
And I try to give you what you need

I, a huge DMB fan, am really excited for the release of this album. As with every album, the band shows their maturity and how much they've grown musically over the years. I'm sure that "Away From the World" will not disappoint.

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