Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bruce Springsteen shows Dublin who's THE BOSS

After this weekend's London debacle in which the city council pulled the plug on Bruce Springsteen's concert at Hyde Park for breaking curfew, the E Street Band performed their next concert in Dublin. They began the show by turning on a fake generator. Then Bruce yells into the mic, "Before we were so rudely interrupted" and finished the last minute or two of  "Twist and Shout", the song they were performing with Paul McCartney before their sound was cut off.

The next jab came a few moments later, in which they broke out the cover "I Fought the Law". But the best jab came at the end of the set, when a fake London police officer came onstage and pretended to arrest Springsteen.

It's good to see Springsteen joking around about that now famous London show and still manage to get his point across with his music and his all famous shows. I guess I finally realize why for many years Springsteen has been referred to as The Boss and only The Boss himself will say when to pull the plug on the show. And a quick FYI, The Dublin show ended before the 11PM curfew.

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